Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boy or Girl?

So my dear friend Melissa said that I should get back to blogging so that I could post a poll. As most of you know we are having a baby due December 19th and we are very excited. We get to find out next week on Wednesday if we are having a boy or girl. Well what do you think?? Check out the poll!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good friends and the beach!

We recently went to the beach with our good friends Matt, Melissa and Madison. The weather wasn't that great, until the day we left. The boys attempted clamming, which was supposed to supply our dinner of clam chowder. Needless to say we ended up eating out the night of their clamming attempt. We didn't do much, but relaxed and watched movies, so there's not a lot of photos. Just the boys after clamming, and of course Madison devouring a delicious strawberry ice cream cone in the freezing rain and wind. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

7 year Anniversary!

These are a little late, but here are some pics from our 7 year anniversary weekend that we spent at the beach. We had beautiful weather the entire time we were there. There's not very many pictures of us, but some nice scenery pics. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing New

So I don't really have anything new to post. I can give you an update about how we are doing. Jason and I are doing really good emotionally with everything that has happened lately. I did have a hard time recovering from my procedure last Wednesday and ended up in the emergency room Superbowl Sunday! Turns out I had an infection! I can finally say now that I'm recovering nicely, although I still have some aches and pains here and there. All I can say is thank God, and yes I'm literally thanking God that I'm no longer in the pain that I was in. Jason was such a good husband and took really good care of me, I feel really bad that he had to spend superbowl Sunday in the emergency room. He did get to watch the game, muted, but he got to watch it. Everyone at Mel's missed out on my football cupcakes (sorry!). They were pretty ugly though, tasted good but ugly. So that's our update for now. Later!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you!

Jason and I want to thank everyone for their prayers, love and support. This time would have been a lot more difficult if we didn't have such great friends and family. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as I will have to have a procedure next Wednesday. We love you all!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So this is what I have to do when we've told everyone that we're pregnant. I have to tell everyone that we lost the baby. Please keep us in your prayers! We know that God has a plan, and that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for all your love and support.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

4th Folder, 4th Picture

So here it is our 4th folder, 4th picture photo.

I find it funny that our good friends Matt and Melissa happened to have us as their 4th folder, 4th picture photo. It goes to show how much time we spend with them, and I can say it's because we love them. This is a photo of Madison 8mo at the beach with Matt and Melissa, we called this her hair piece picture (since Melissa's hair is covering part of her forehead). One of our traditions that we've had since they have been married is we always go somewhere every year, whether it's camping or staying at a beach house. Although I have a feeling we may be breaking that tradition this year, since twins are on the way for them, and I will look like a whale, due to being pregnant with our first. We love them dearly and are so glad to be apart of their lives and are honored that Madison calls us Uncle Jason and Auntie Cole. We love you guys!